Documentary analysis

Blood Sugar Diabetes-Blood Sugar – Type 1 Diabetes Documentary | DocumentaryTube

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 20.16.18.pngThis documentary has a good use of actuality footage as it shows what the little girl would actually be doing instead of using an interview, we see her living her normal life which is spliced in with people asking about what she hates to give us an idea of how the girl feels, the narrative jeopardy of the piece is how the illness will affect the little girls life, which is addressed by her saying she hates every part of diabetes. I can see from this documentary that I will need to make use of actuality footage to show how leos normal life is.

last minutes with Oden-

Last Minutes with ODEN on VimeoScreen Shot 2017-06-24 at 20.18.07.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-24 at 20.17.52.png

Has the interview playing underneath footage of him biking outside contrasting with him talking about his bad period. Then uses actuality footage of him crying on the phone and taking Oden to the vets this helps to show the emotion he has for oden as we see his reactions to his saying goodbye. there is no footage of him doing the interview instead showing him biking which makes it more emotional as we are not seeing him in a studio but instead in his normal environment. This shows me i might need to consider having some footage of him doing something to play under the interview.

Strawberries will save the world-Strawberries Will Save The World by Yoko Okumura

This is a light-hearted documentary which manages to tell a story with the use of one interviewee’s story and use of her family talking about her love of strawberries. The piece also uses actuality footage to show how far Yonos obsession goes with footage from her travelling for strawberries conventions. The documentary does, however, show me that i should ensure my framing is correct as some of the interview shots had yono too close to the centre and made it look awkward therefore i should be careful to not place Leo too close to the centre. i have also been shown by this documentary that as long as i have lots of cutaway shots i can have one interviewee whilst keeping the piece interesting.Picture

About employment-(1) “About Employment” 5-minute short documentary (SUBMISSION 2016) – YouTubeScreen Shot 2017-06-24 at 20.20.11.png

This uses footage of the woman being told what’s in the documentary which shows straight away that she is unsure of whether they want to help her or just use her disability to get views, there is no strict interview in the film instead making use of actuality footage of her getting ready for interviews and applying for jobs this helps to give a sense of why she struggles to get jobs as it is very hard for her to apply, there is also some footage where the screen is black which gives an idea of what she sees when people are talking and further highlights how difficult it is for her to get a job. I feel that this shows that could perhaps have a segment where the screen goes black when Leo talks about the comma as this would immerse the viewer in his life.





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