Post Production

Inputting Stills-I had a variety of different stills sourced from my interviewee, i had to place these into my project at the points necessary, however, i needed to make changes to the photos as they where below the resolution needed for the project, i, therefore, had to scale the images to make them fit the project. this meant that the image quality went down but i could not fix this and therefore had no choice but to include low-resolution images.

audio levels-I had to change my audio levels due to the fact that there was a difference in levels, i, therefore, had to alter the levels to make it so levels where the same, to do this i had to change the audio gain on my clips so that the lower clips are set to -8db which makes them louder i, therefore, analysed the levels of each clip to make sure they are between -12db and -6db so that no notable difference in audio is present.

Motion effects-I had to add motion effects to my still images so that it did not appear on the screen too long i, therefore, added keyframes on the position making it starting on one position and finish on another. this was done on all still images and made the images look more like footage.

Continuity Editing-I had to ensure that my project maintained continuity as if it did not it would jolt the viewer as they would not be able to follow the action, for instance, i had to ensure that all of my shots were inside the 180 degrees rule as i did not want the right of the project suddenly becoming the left and confusing the viewer of the project. also maintaining the framing of my shots was important as if they changed too rapidly in terms of eye line then the viewer would feel unsettled.

Titles-i had to create titles for my audience to know the name of my project, i also had to ensure that my contributors were credited at the end of the film, i created an opening title sequence which had the words new normal however the word new was written in a normal font whereas normal was stretched to make it look strange and give the viewer a sense that something is warped about the normal of the project, i then used the same font as this for my credits so that there is consistency in the titles.



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