Filming analysis 2

I filmed my second day needing to get a variety of different cutaway shots i started the day by filming Leo walking into college, i then went to his house with the intention of filming him with his girlfriend, when i got there i took the step of first recording any family photos i could find, then i prepared to film him with his girlfriend, however there was an unexpected occurrence as she was unable to be filmed as her social anxiety was too high to film the interview at the time as she was anxious about being recorded, i, therefore, had to replace this segment of my film with still photos of her with Leo i was given, so although it didn’t go to plan i still managed to have some footage of the two. I also filmed some footage of him with his friends but the quality of the footage was not up to standard as i had used a shoulder mount and the footage was too shaky i, therefore, had to ditch this footage, i have learnt from this i should use a tripod when filming or train with a shoulder mount on how to not let it shake so much.


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