Production Techniques

Audio-When researching how i should record my audio i found that it was important that i ensure that the sensitivity levels are set so that the input is not peaking as this will make the audio inaudible or dangerous for the listener, i, therefore, looked for the best input and found that i wanted a volume of around -12db to -6db as this is loud enough to hear but not too loud as to peak. i experimented with how the sensitivity would affect this and found that the optimum setting was around the number of 6 if i was close to my interviewee, i will need to assess my interview location as there will be different acoustics and ensure that my audio is around this range.

Filming-When researching how i should film a documentary what i found was that depth of field would play a huge part in the look of my piece, a wide depth of field would distract the viewer from Leo due to the background being in focus as much as Leo, whereas a narrow depth of field would put Leo in hard focus and therefore mean that he stands out from the background and the viewer is not distracted from the interviewee. I will, therefore, esnure that my project uses a narrow depth of field by having a large distance from the camera to my subject and then zoom focusing on Leo which will give a narrow depth of field.

Lighting a scene-I researched how to light a scene i found how would be best to light with three lights as this was all that was available for me, i found out i could use my lights to give me a key light as well as fill light, and backlight i found that i could place my key light to the side that Leo would be looking and place my fill light the other side due to it being a lighting kit with the option to lower the brightness which will make it possible for me to have a fill light the same distance as my key. After seeing where i would film my interview i decided that i would not need a backlight and therefore i planned for my shoot with the use of just my key and fill light. The key will be positioned the side Leo is looking the fill will be the other side of the camera.

Documentary Style-My documentary style is a mix of expository and participatory as i have an interview with my contributor making it participatory but i have him explaining an overarching narrative. I find this works for the documentary as i wanted him talking directly to the audience but also to tell the story of leos life.


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