Filming analysis 2

I filmed my second day needing to get a variety of different cutaway shots i started the day by filming Leo walking into college, i then went to his house with the intention of filming him with his girlfriend, when i got there i took the step of first recording any family photos i could find, then i prepared to film him with his girlfriend, however there was an unexpected occurrence as she was unable to be filmed as her social anxiety was too high to film the interview at the time as she was anxious about being recorded, i, therefore, had to replace this segment of my film with still photos of her with Leo i was given, so although it didn’t go to plan i still managed to have some footage of the two. I also filmed some footage of him with his friends but the quality of the footage was not up to standard as i had used a shoulder mount and the footage was too shaky i, therefore, had to ditch this footage, i have learnt from this i should use a tripod when filming or train with a shoulder mount on how to not let it shake so much.


Post Production

Inputting Stills-I had a variety of different stills sourced from my interviewee, i had to place these into my project at the points necessary, however, i needed to make changes to the photos as they where below the resolution needed for the project, i, therefore, had to scale the images to make them fit the project. this meant that the image quality went down but i could not fix this and therefore had no choice but to include low-resolution images.

audio levels-I had to change my audio levels due to the fact that there was a difference in levels, i, therefore, had to alter the levels to make it so levels where the same, to do this i had to change the audio gain on my clips so that the lower clips are set to -8db which makes them louder i, therefore, analysed the levels of each clip to make sure they are between -12db and -6db so that no notable difference in audio is present.

Motion effects-I had to add motion effects to my still images so that it did not appear on the screen too long i, therefore, added keyframes on the position making it starting on one position and finish on another. this was done on all still images and made the images look more like footage.

Continuity Editing-I had to ensure that my project maintained continuity as if it did not it would jolt the viewer as they would not be able to follow the action, for instance, i had to ensure that all of my shots were inside the 180 degrees rule as i did not want the right of the project suddenly becoming the left and confusing the viewer of the project. also maintaining the framing of my shots was important as if they changed too rapidly in terms of eye line then the viewer would feel unsettled.

Titles-i had to create titles for my audience to know the name of my project, i also had to ensure that my contributors were credited at the end of the film, i created an opening title sequence which had the words new normal however the word new was written in a normal font whereas normal was stretched to make it look strange and give the viewer a sense that something is warped about the normal of the project, i then used the same font as this for my credits so that there is consistency in the titles.


Editing Day 2

On my second day of editing I needed to make sure that my footage was to the best possible quality and that it did not have any pieces that slowed it down.

I checked each piece of footage and cut out any unneeded pieces.

Changing Sound Levels of Footage

All of my recorded footage had been recorded at good quality with a high volume that meant the audio was clear and hearable however it was only recored on one channel I therefore I had to change this, I changed the channels so that both channels where the same I therefore lost the annoying buzz that was in the background of my clips. I also had to alter the audio gain on my clips as some where louder than others and I had to have consistent levels.

I therefore higher’d  up various clips by changing the sound peaks to -8db which made the peaks higher, and therefore gave them consistency as each clip was able to reach the same higher levels of other clips and gave the audio reliable levels. After theses changes there was no notable difference in each clips sound.

Editing Day 1

Beginning editing I named all of my clips so that it was easier to place them all in order.

I watched each clip and took off any unnecessary bits to make the footage usable . I then created a structure for how the documentary would flow, i had timed how long the documentary would be and then placed the clips in the order I had arranged. After talks over my documentary with tutors it was suggested i needed more shots of Leo doing things i therefore contacted him to see about filming on the Wednesday. Whilst waiting to hear back from him i brushed up on the sound to ensure it was at the same level throughout.

Beginning Post Production

To start post production is was first necessary that i transcribe my interviews i then had to name each of my clips so that editing was easier. I needed to begin editing so booked a suite so i could start.




  • My name is leo Benjamin Gallagher green, I am 19 I attend Liverpool community college where I study creative writing, English lit and ocr it.
  • Working two part time jobs for booker wholsesale and wh smith
  • In October of 2014 his health took a decline no foreshadowing before this he had run a marathon, he was in wales at holiday camp and couldn’t breath, slept against wall for three nights, he came home and saw gp who told him there was nothing wrong, he went to a and e few days later they found his liver failed and they persistently asked if he was an alcoholic he 00
  • 0was only 17 so did not drink. They kept him for observation, he collapsed and woke one month later having been told he had heart failure.
  • Had three operations byvad bypassed his heart to keep him alive as his heart had stopped completely, tracheotomy which gave him the ability to breath as he did not have enough strength or ability. He also had transplant.
  • During his transplant his mother former step father grandparents and uncle and his ex-girlfriend where there. Three week process of recovery got out on Christmas eve, took till march to have normality he went back to margys in that year. He doesn’t want to know whos heart he has and doesn’t want to know as he finds it quite morbid.
  • He was dead for a period and cannot remember anything of that.
  • Told he had shorter life expectancy he lives in the moment. Engaged to chloe Pritchard, she is light of his life,he didn’t get engaged because of the shorter life but because he loves her. His sociallife has changed as he finds it hard to engage with friends due being aware of who he spends his time with due to struggling to listen to people talk of homework. Despite the depressing tone so far he has high hopes for the future wanting to be a forensic scientist. Operations hampered his education as he was not able to complete his first year of sixth form and was unable to cope with the stress when he redid year. He is now in college. I feel like becoming an organ donour is one of the most important things, it might seem ingenuine but the truth is that because that man I lived. There are good things in his life chloe and his soon child.

He chose to life after being given the option as he had a friend who committed suicide and understanding the pain it brought him didn’t want this for others not altruiticstic he didn’t want the pain for his family and friiends. He viewdd transplant negatively but is now happy for the time he has and is greatful to staff of worthelly shaw.

That is the storuy of my transplant and my life since if you’ve watched then I question what you’ve got going on in your lifew you should be doing something more fun, but if you have watched thank you for listening to my story hope you have a good life.

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