Production Plan

Structure-I want my documentary to begin with Leo stating his name and what he does for a living as well as talking about his life, I then want the twist of him explaining what exactly happened to him in terms of his transplant. this will shock the viewer as it will act as a sort of a twist then Leo will talk about his fiance so that the audience begins to relate to his life, this will help to make narrative jeopardy of his shorter life more important to the viewer. I want the documentary to end on the reason why his life is meaningful.

Shot list-I want shots of Leo walking into college, Leo getting ready for work, sitting with his girlfriend and photos of him during the process he talked of.

How to shoot an interview-I found that filming an interview can be a hard task I, therefore, researched some tips, I found that I should not give questions beforehand as then answers seem preplanned. Also, i should ask for any other thoughts at the end of the interview so that I can get any insights from Leo I should also ease him into questions by asking simple questions that won’t be hard. I should position my interviewee so that they are looking at the interviewer who is just to the side of the camera on either side this is so that the person is talking into space i should also frame them to the opposite side of whchever way there talking into so that they dont look strange in the shot. Lighting equipment should be set up so that the person looks the best they can hiding things i dont want to show. I also need to have them on eye level so that i can make sure that my interviewee is looking into the viewers eyes.





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