Filming analysis 2

I filmed my second day needing to get a variety of different cutaway shots i started the day by filming Leo walking into college, i then went to his house with the intention of filming him with his girlfriend, when i got there i took the step of first recording any family photos i could find, then i prepared to film him with his girlfriend, however there was an unexpected occurrence as she was unable to be filmed as her social anxiety was too high to film the interview at the time as she was anxious about being recorded, i, therefore, had to replace this segment of my film with still photos of her with Leo i was given, so although it didn’t go to plan i still managed to have some footage of the two. I also filmed some footage of him with his friends but the quality of the footage was not up to standard as i had used a shoulder mount and the footage was too shaky i, therefore, had to ditch this footage, i have learnt from this i should use a tripod when filming or train with a shoulder mount on how to not let it shake so much.


Production Techniques

Audio-When researching how i should record my audio i found that it was important that i ensure that the sensitivity levels are set so that the input is not peaking as this will make the audio inaudible or dangerous for the listener, i, therefore, looked for the best input and found that i wanted a volume of around -12db to -6db as this is loud enough to hear but not too loud as to peak. i experimented with how the sensitivity would affect this and found that the optimum setting was around the number of 6 if i was close to my interviewee, i will need to assess my interview location as there will be different acoustics and ensure that my audio is around this range.

Filming-When researching how i should film a documentary what i found was that depth of field would play a huge part in the look of my piece, a wide depth of field would distract the viewer from Leo due to the background being in focus as much as Leo, whereas a narrow depth of field would put Leo in hard focus and therefore mean that he stands out from the background and the viewer is not distracted from the interviewee. I will, therefore, esnure that my project uses a narrow depth of field by having a large distance from the camera to my subject and then zoom focusing on Leo which will give a narrow depth of field.

Lighting a scene-I researched how to light a scene i found how would be best to light with three lights as this was all that was available for me, i found out i could use my lights to give me a key light as well as fill light, and backlight i found that i could place my key light to the side that Leo would be looking and place my fill light the other side due to it being a lighting kit with the option to lower the brightness which will make it possible for me to have a fill light the same distance as my key. After seeing where i would film my interview i decided that i would not need a backlight and therefore i planned for my shoot with the use of just my key and fill light. The key will be positioned the side Leo is looking the fill will be the other side of the camera.

Documentary Style-My documentary style is a mix of expository and participatory as i have an interview with my contributor making it participatory but i have him explaining an overarching narrative. I find this works for the documentary as i wanted him talking directly to the audience but also to tell the story of leos life.

Production Plan

Structure-I want my documentary to begin with Leo stating his name and what he does for a living as well as talking about his life, I then want the twist of him explaining what exactly happened to him in terms of his transplant. this will shock the viewer as it will act as a sort of a twist then Leo will talk about his fiance so that the audience begins to relate to his life, this will help to make narrative jeopardy of his shorter life more important to the viewer. I want the documentary to end on the reason why his life is meaningful.

Shot list-I want shots of Leo walking into college, Leo getting ready for work, sitting with his girlfriend and photos of him during the process he talked of.

How to shoot an interview-I found that filming an interview can be a hard task I, therefore, researched some tips, I found that I should not give questions beforehand as then answers seem preplanned. Also, i should ask for any other thoughts at the end of the interview so that I can get any insights from Leo I should also ease him into questions by asking simple questions that won’t be hard. I should position my interviewee so that they are looking at the interviewer who is just to the side of the camera on either side this is so that the person is talking into space i should also frame them to the opposite side of whchever way there talking into so that they dont look strange in the shot. Lighting equipment should be set up so that the person looks the best they can hiding things i dont want to show. I also need to have them on eye level so that i can make sure that my interviewee is looking into the viewers eyes.




Changing Sound Levels of Footage

All of my recorded footage had been recorded at good quality with a high volume that meant the audio was clear and hearable however it was only recored on one channel I therefore I had to change this, I changed the channels so that both channels where the same I therefore lost the annoying buzz that was in the background of my clips. I also had to alter the audio gain on my clips as some where louder than others and I had to have consistent levels.

I therefore higher’d  up various clips by changing the sound peaks to -8db which made the peaks higher, and therefore gave them consistency as each clip was able to reach the same higher levels of other clips and gave the audio reliable levels. After theses changes there was no notable difference in each clips sound.

Filming Cutaway Thoughts

Whilst filming my cutaway shots I filmed alone with only the assistance of my mother and father and sister who assisted me by helping me get the kit to Leo’s house. Whilst there i filmed many different cutaway shots such as Leo singing, family photos and him doing normal stuff. filming went well and I managed to get all of my cutaways and the footage came out good

Filming Prep

I needed to film some cutaway shots for my project things like Leo walking into college and interacting with friends.

He was not available during my targeted week of the 22nd so i had to reschedule.

I had been informed by the technicians that during the week off they were in for the tuesday i therefore contacted leo who told me he could film on the monday.

I sent a booking form to the technicians and am awaiting confirmation of the kit.

I booked from Friday the 26th at 3pm till the tuesday.


Production Analysis


For my filming day i picked up my kit at 9:30 am and performed checks on the kit to check they are working and also checking that all the settings are right.

I found that the kit was working and decided to begin ensuring my aspect ratio trials worked i therefore made paper lines to make framing my shot easier if i wanted to have this
aspect ratio.

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